A Message from Federico Pignatelli:

It is with great sadness that I announce my decision to definitively close Pier 59 Studios West, located at the Arts Center of Bergamot Station, in 
Santa Monica, Los Angeles. I have come to this hard decision because of an 
invading Metro Rail Train that is in advanced construction and that will 
soon connect downtown Los Angeles to the center of Santa Monica. In doing
 so, a contemporary Station and Mall will be built right in historic
 Bergamot Station, next to where the Studios are located. Besides disrupting
 the invaluable integrity of one of the few historic sites in greater Los 
Angeles City and overall in the West coast, it will also incur a tremendous 
amount of congestion in an area that I originally cherished for its
 tranquility, safety and true artistic ambiance.

The 1875 Bergamot Station for the 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_and_Independence_Railroad Los
 Angeles and Independence Railroad was a magic place to me, a way to go back
 in time to the "Old America of the West", with miners digging in the hills 
spread around to find silver and other precious minerals that sustained them and that 
at times made them wealthy. This unscathed piece of history is now virtually 
gone with the advent of a modern station with an attached mall for a Metro
Train that is destroying a place of true American history to give way to tedious modernism.